Hospital Visits and Memories

Today is a good day.  Yesterday was a better day.  Tomorrow, I’ll keep fighting.

Sometimes, having an auto immune disease feels like a never ending battle.  They are invisible, but take the body down so quickly that before you know it, you feel lifeless and alone once again.

After my daughter was born last year, I had a massive flare up.  I spent a lot of the time in the hospital and doctors office.  My family and friends had to take care of my husband and children when I couldn’t, and life didn’t seem right.

It’s moments in my journey through my disease that I feel most inspired to do things that will leave some sort of impact on those I love.  When my doctor couldn’t figure out what was going on, and my heart was so stressed that it threatened to fail, I thought of my children and husband.  I thought of how I just wanted one more chance to do something meaningful with them.  I wanted and prayed for one more chance to give them just one. more. memory.

The Lord answered my pleas for life and my prayer for time and I feel blessed beyond words, and more convicted than ever.

There are really really really hard days.  But right now there are really really really good days.  These are the days that I take advantage of.  These are the days we do something special just because my son thinks it would be exciting.  The days that I watch a movie with my husband that we’ve seen five time already.  These are the days I fight for.


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