This week I’ve taken the plunge and started submitting my novel to literary agents.  I’ve had the proposal, query, and manuscript done for months now but I keep sweating every time I think of letting it out into the world.  I’ve held back for these reasons:

1) I know that I’ll get rejected.

2) It might not get rejected.

I’m aware that the likelihood of it getting picked up by and agent is slim, so rejection itself doesn’t scare me…but knowing that someone could tell me that it’s horrible and I should stop writing does scare me.

I’m also aware that there is an itty-bitty-tiny-wincy chance an agent will like it.  I’m okay with strangers reading this story because even if they don’t like it, I wont have to ever see them.  But what if people I actually know want to read it?  And what if they read it and can’t get past the first page?  That’s awkward.

Any tips for feeling confident in the story you’ve written?

I love this life, but there’s always a battle in my head;)


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