How NOT to manage your time…

If you walked into my house, you would find a collage of all my time suckers…everywhere.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but honestly, it’s not anything I’m ashamed of.  However, it goes without saying that all my different interests tend to take up time, and that, while working on the goal of having a completed novel by the end of the summer doesn’t work out so well.

Since I haven’t figured out how to manage my time effectively, here’s what I’ve learned not to do:

DON’T make decide to knit all of your niece’s their own blankets by next Christmas…it wont work out so well…especially when you have eight nieces…

DON’T let the dishes sit and say you’ll do them tomorrow…because you wont.  Then you’ll have a week’s worth of dishes with a mystery fuzz taking over the kitchen and you’re whole house will smell like hot dogs, even though you haven’t eaten hot dogs all month.  SO…then you’ll have to clean the dishes and your house to get ride of the smell, and it ends up taking much longer than spending five minutes twice a day doing dishes…;)

DON’T develop an unreasonable obsession with cycling, even though at the moment you don’t have a bike.  You will spend seven hours after the children go to bed looking at beautiful bikes you can’t afford.  So, nothing was really accomplished, and you wake up the next morning too groggy to get anything done.  On top of it all, by 9:00 am you could care less about bikes any longer and you’ve just wasted a nights sleep.  Ugh…

DON’T start reading a novel series…I become far too hooked…

DON’T have a family…;)  I’m totally kidding!  

I love my children, and if there’s anything I’ve learned is that if I spend time with them, yet accomplish nothing, I do feel good about what I’ve done that day.  However, when I spend time with them and make progress it’s fabulous 🙂

I’m hoping I DO learn how to “work at home” a little bit better.  What tends to suck away your time?  Any tips on how to manage it well?



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