Hobbies Galore

What do you call something that’s fluffy, wooly, tiny, and super sweet?

Angora Rabbits 🙂


photo (14)

I confess to having about three too many hobbies, but the Rabbits are where most of my hobbies stem from so I’m counting it all as one 🙂

Along with writing, I also enjoy spinning and knitting.  So, the angora rabbits live with us so that I can harvest their beautiful silky wool and spin it into yarn.

The rabbits also tend to be a good way to procrastinate editing the horrible stack of paper that is my first draft sitting here on my desk.  Who wouldn’t rather comb wool that feels like cotton candy instead of facing the truth that something you worked on for a very long time turned out horribly? 😉

Anyway, I will be sure to post some pictures of the yarn that comes from these beauties soon for anyone else looking for a way to procrastinate!


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