Writing A Bio…

Have you ever tried to write a short, two to four sentence biography about yourself?  I attempted it today, and if you’re lucky enough to be reading this blog before I’ve really got a handle on what I’m doing, it might just make you unsubscribe.  For those of us who’d much rather be ghost writers so that we wouldn’t draw so much attention to ourselves, writing a bio is difficult.  Much like I imagine picking out a pen name would be had I the creativity to make one up 😉

I found myself trying to think of the people around me and what I could say about them, rather than myself.  In truth, if it were all about me, the reader would see a plump, plain, wanna-be-writer, who runs around after her children all day, while holding either knitting needles, or a clipboard filled with edits.

Desperately, I’m trying not be jealous of writers who are actually interesting, as I think that will be the first step in creating a bio that actually says something about me.

I’d love to know, if you are a writer, how did you come up with your own bio?